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25mm ACW union - regt. 24 figures - inf (26751)

25mm Age of Sigmar DPS painted Stormcast Eternals Lord-Ordinator AP5151
25mm amazon infantry 36 figures (14257)
25mm Avatars of War WDS painted Lord of Torment & Famitiar d13
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25mm AWI british - cavalry 12 cavalry - cav (12844)
25mm AWI french - indian wars warriors 24 figs - inf (12874)

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25mm biblical egyptian - infantry 20 figures - inf (16121)

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25mm biblical hittite - chariots 2 chariots - chariot (11344)
25mm biblical sea people - archers 8 figures - inf (33692)

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25mm classical greek - ancient cavalry 12 cavalry - cav (18169)
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25mm classical greek - heavy 9 figures - cav (32108)

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25mm classical greek - javelinmen 18 figs - inf (17674)
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25mm Classical Indian - general chariot & escort - command (22603)

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25mm classical thracian - light 6 figures - cav (22992)
25mm colonial darkest africa - tribal warriors 16 figures - inf (28282)

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25mm colonial zulu war - supply train & escort 24 figures - baggage (24597)

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25mm dark ages anglo-saxon - warriors 20 figures - inf (23168)
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25mm ECW english - civil war artillery - art (17316)

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25mm ECW english - civil war pike & shot 30 figures infantry - inf (21889)
25mm ECW royalists - pike & shot 30 figures - inf (31129)
25mm Isawanda Diorama Infantry Figures Painted Figures
25mm marlburian french - artillery 2 guns & crew - art (10537)

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25mm medieval english - halberdiers 24 figures - inf (25554)
25mm medieval norman - archers 24 figures - inf (33671)
25mm medieval spanish - battle group 22 figures - inf (35088)
25mm metal War of Independence Continental Infantry Minifigs
25mm napoleonic british - 1 gun crew & limber - art (28181)

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25mm ACW union - regt 20 figures - inf (32236)