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The official website of Sir Martin Gilbert – 20th Century British Historian and the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill

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It is for the historian either to Say what happened or to say that he cannot discover it.

To say, “Perhaps it was like this” is to mask a failure to get to the bottom of a problem: and failure in historical research is no crime. It is one of the hazards of the profession.

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Welcome to Sir Martin Gilbert's website, a celebration of his life and his work, his passion, his philosophy, his favourite haunts, his humour and his humanity.

The official biographer of Winston Churchill and a leading historian on the Twentieth Century, Sir Martin is a scholar and an historian who, through his 88 books, has shown there is such a thing as “true history”.

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    Photo: Sir Martin on the beach at Normandy, describing the invasion, May 2003. Photo © Bernie Pucker, with thanks to Liz Burgess. The Allied landing in 1944 might have ended in disaster. Winston Churchill thought he would be woken up to be told of massive casualties. G...

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    Photo: Sir Martin, describing the preparations for the Normandy Landings, May 2003. Photo © Bernie Pucker, with thanks to Liz Burgess. Patrick Kidd, in The Times on April 29,GW Epic 40k Orks Loose Plastic Ork Collection NM writes of the tragedy of the Slapton Sands rehearsal for the D-Day landings:

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    Photo: Martin and Max, consulting the map of their journey, June 2003 Max Arthur, OBE  25 February 1939 – 2 May 2019 It began at a cafe in Hampstead though by the time I got to know them, their friendship was already close. Two historians of the twentieth century, fo...

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Sir Martin's eBooks

Churchill, A Life

Churchill: The Power of Words

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The Routledge Atlas of British History: Fifth Edition

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The First World War: A Complete History

GW Warhammer Lizardmen Saurus Temple Guard Command (88-16) - METAL SEALED BOX
GW 40k Chaos SM Metal Loose Mini Mutants Collection NM

Israel: A History

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In Ishmael’s House: A History of Jews In Muslim Lands

In Search of Churchill

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History of the Twentieth Century: The Concise Edition

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The Will of the People: Winston Churchill and Parliamentary Democracy

Winston Churchill’s War Leadership: Continue to Pester, Nag and Bite

Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century

The Routledge Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Tenth Edition

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The Routledge Historical Atlas of Jerusalem: Fourth Edition

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GW 40k Chaos Space Marines Chaos Terminators (1996 Edition) Box VG
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The Routledge Atlas of the Second World War: Second Edition

Auschwitz and the Allies: How the Allies responded to the news of Hitler’s Final Solution

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The Routledge Atlas of Russian History: Fourth Edition

GW 40k Dark Eldar Plastic Wyches Collection NM

The Routledge Atlas of Jewish History: Eighth Edition

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The Roots of Appeasement

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Final Journey: The Fate of the Jews in Nazi Europe

Holocaust Journey: Travelling in Search of the Past

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