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We are your one stop for genealogy news, analysis & a sprinkling of inspiring and creative ideas.

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A bit about me.

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The Genealogy Gems Podcast helps you make the most of your family history research time. You’ll hear quick and easy-to-use research techniques you can use right away. Lisa Louise Cooke brings you the best genealogy websites, best practices, and resources available!

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getting tested is just the beginning

Interested in getting your DNA tested? Already tested, and wondering if there’s anything else to it beside ethnic heritage results? We’ll show you how to use DNA for genealogy, and find your ancestors and their stories!

Using DNA for genealogy and family history can seem daunting, but Genealogy Gems makes it easy and fun. Watch as Lisa Louise Cooke discusses the available DNA tests and testing companies. You can also hear more about DNA on the Genealogy Gems Podcast.

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Our family-owned business is devoted to helping you find your family history.

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