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40k Adeptus Titanicus Grandmasters Edition New

40k Chaos Space Marines PINK HORRORS x10 Very Well Painted Citadel 60337
40K Eldar Harlequins (6) Metal Sealed Boxed Set
40K Imperial Guard Armageddon Steel Legion Squad (10) Metal Direct Only Box Set
40k Rare oop Blister Metal Space Marine Legion of the Damned LOTD Sergeant NIB 2
40k Rare oop Vintage Metal Limited 2005 Army Space Marine Captain Kallistus 2

Welcome to POLIS

Cambridge has a long and distinctive tradition in the study of politics and international relations with particular emphasis, going back over a century, on historical, legal, economic and philosophical approaches to the study of political thought and national and international politics.

40 ´ Outside Braced Boxcar Dimensionale Dati Micro Trains Line 29000 N 1 160 C Å

2019 Alcuin Lecture

This year’s lecture, titled “Economic Adjustment and Political Transformation in Europe and the United States” was given by Professor Erik Jones, Professor of European Studies and International Political Economy and Director of European and Eurasian Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

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40K WDS painted Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron Battle Servitors-Destroyers k52
40mm Hordes KPW painted Minions Splatter Boar

2018 Antcliffe Lecture

This year's lecture, titled "A Certain Idea of Britain: Writing the political history of one's own country in one's own times" was given by Lord Peter Hennessy, the Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History at Queen Mary, University of London.

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40MM Painted Western Gun slingers
42001 Atlas N Scale RS-3 Burlington Northern Engine NIB 40 ´ st Boxcar Baltimore & Ohio 466032 Micro Trains Line 20256 N 1 160 D Å

40 ´ st Boxcar Canadian Pacific Ferrovia Micro Trains Line 20436 1 160 D Å

The Department of Politics and International Studies is committed to widening participation in higher education, and involving students (both current and prospective), staff and members of the public in the events and activities that we run.

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42304 Atlas N Scale RSD 4 5 ATSF NIB

40 ´ st Boxcar Stati Uniti Esercito Usax 24678 Micro Trains Line 20456-i 1 160 D

This part-time, one-year course will accelerate and deepen your grasp of the processes and dynamics affecting policy-making, the challenges of implementation facing all policymakers, and the questions of evidence and expertise that have become increasingly salient in politics and policy discourse.

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44902 PREISER Frauen am Campingplatz Spur G

Talking Politics

TALKING POLITICS is the podcast that will try to make sense of it all. Each Thursday, in Cambridge, David Runciman will talk to his regular panel along with novelists, comedians, historians, philosophers, and even a few politicians to ask them what they think is going on. It’s the political conversation everyone is having: please join us.

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4Ground - 20mm North West European Threshing Barn 20S-WAW-105 Wargaming Scenery
5 All Nation Walthers Freight Cars 74163, 149027, RPX807, 93058, 34832

40´ Outside Braced Boîte Cb&q 25402 Micro Trains Line 28150 N 1 160 C Å POLIS Events

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